Abuse is wrong no matter who the perpetrator is. 

Abuse unfortunately occurs in some relationships. Patterns of abuse in a relationship involving adults can be considered domestic violence.

 Men are victims of violence in relationships just like women. One in six men in the UK is the victim of some form of domestic violence. Men are often the forgotten victims of domestic violence. 

Counselling support can help to address issues such as self-esteem, forced marriage or any type of honour crime. 

Straight men as well as gay and transgender men can be victims of domestic abuse. Abuse in relationships can be mental or physical.

Mental abuse can take many forms, such as controlling  or isolating behaviour, jealous or suspicious behaviour, insulting or threatening behaviour. Physical abuse might involve slapping, hitting, punching and pushing, etc. Abusive texting and stalking are also forms of domestic violence as are destroying property and denying access to children or other family members. Taking money and destroying property are also forms of relationship violence. 

Families, siblings and relatives can collectively abuse people just like individuals can. This abuse is just as wrong as abuse that is perpetrated by an individual. 

If you are male and would like counselling support to deal with any issues connected with domestic abuse or intimate partner violence get in touch.

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