1. Men as well as women can be victims of domestic abuse including forced marriage or sexual assault. 

2. Abuse is wrong regardless of who the perpetrator is.

 3. Abuse can be psychological, physical, financial, sexual or emotional.

 4. Domestic Abuse (or violence) is any pattern of controlling, coercive, threatening behaviour, violent or abuse that occurs to an adult who is or has been in a domestic relationship with someone who is inflicting the violence. 

5. Domestic Abuse (or violence) can occur between any individuals who are or have been in a domestic relationship (partners, families, etc).

 6. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a pattern of abuse that occurs between current or former partners in opposite or same sex relationships.  

7. Emotional Abuse  is belittling (putting someone down), blaming,denying (that something happen), minimising (that something has happened) ,isolating from others, or making unreasonable demands  

 8.Physical Abuse is biting, scratching, slapping, hitting, punching, kicking ,choking, or holding someone down  

9. Sexual Abuse  is touching (in a way or a time that is unwanted), making unwanted sexual demands, hurting during sex, pressing to have sex, or pressing to have unsafe sex   

10.Threats and Intimidation are threatening to hurt someone, invading personal space, threatening self-harm or suicide, reading personal information, or personal correspondence (without consent or permission),following someone or stalking someone.

11. Other forms of abuse are denying access to children, phoning, e-mailing, or texting at an abnormal rate, not allowing a relationship to end or making unfounded accusations about someone’s behaviour ( like accusing someone of cheating or flirting or behaving badly).    

12. Mutual Abuse can be an issue. Some couples or families or individuals in certain domestic situations are mutual abusive and commit different acts of abusive behavior against each other on a regular basis.

Any of the above can happen to a man or a woman.

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