Counselling psychotherapy is a kind of talking therapy that allows an individual to explore his or her thoughts, feelings, emotions and concerns in a  confidential and stable environment related to anything that an individual might believe to be of importance.

 The process of counselling psychotherapy can support anyone to gain a greater understanding of events that have occurred or are occurring in personal or professional lives and to make better decision on how to move forward in life in a way that feels comfortable and safe. 

Counselling at Uomini is offered to male victims of domestic abuse and/or male victims of intimate partner abuse on a sliding scale based on each individual’s ability to pay. The counselling service can be offered for free if someone would like counselling but is not able to pay for any reason. The price and the ability to pay can be discussed during the counselling assessment or when the initial contact is made with the service. 

This service works with all members of the community and is also a gay affirmative service. Gay-affirmative counsellors are comfortable with their own sexuality, have an in-depth understanding of the problems faced by LGBT clients, together with specific knowledge of models of sexual identity development, possess the capacity to monitor and reflect on their own, potentially heteronormative, values and beliefs, and display confidence in working with gay, bi-sexual and transsexual men.

All of the counselling work at Uomini is fully accredited and insured.

Text: 07-525-066-171