Female Prepetrators Service

Counselling is available for female perpetrators of domestic abuse through self-referral to the service. 

 The long term counselling that is offered to female perpetrators of domestic abuse takes into accountant the individual circumstances of each person who is acknowledging that she is or has been hurting others and the commonalities in individuals that can contribute to someone becoming a perpetrator of abuse in a domestic situation.

 The counselling focuses on stopping the harm that is being inflicted on others as well as the ways in which a perpetrator may have been hurting herself emotionally, psychologically, socially and physically.  The therapeutic counselling interaction supports the perpetrator in exploring past abusive relationship patterns and identifying what it takes to build healthy relationships of every kind. This is done so that past relational mistakes are not repeated and to enable someone to build healthy relationships in the future, moving away from being a perpetrator of abuse to engaging in more satisfying and productive relationships in her life.  

The service is completely confidential allowing for each individual to explore all aspects of her past and her present behaviour, along with what is needed to stop abuse in any current situation and what can be done to avoid further incidences of abuse. 

The counselling is offered on a sliding scale for those who can pay, or free of charge for those who do not have the means to pay. 

 The counselling work and the counselling supervision that supports this work is fully insured.